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Looking for a reliable mezzanine flooring supplier in Gloucester? Look no further. JUST MCP is your trusted partner for all your mezzanine flooring needs. We are a local, family-run business committed to providing premium mezzanine flooring installations, tailored specifically to the unique needs of your business. 

From creating extra office space to enhancing warehouse storage capacity or establishing a distinctive retail display area in a shop, our team of experts is ready to deliver the extra space that you need. Get in touch with us at your earliest convenience to find out just how affordable a mezzanine transformation can be for your business. 

Mezzanine Flooring Suppliers

Who are we?

JUST MCP is a well-known and respected name in the mezzanine flooring industry. With a long history serving Gloucester and other towns and cities across the Midlands, we pride ourselves on being a family-run business with over four decades of experience in mezzanine floor design and installation. Our reputation has been carefully earned through years of diligent work installing mezzanine floors for businesses, and we've become known for always prioritising customer satisfaction and delivering top-quality results. 

Our team of mezzanine installation engineers is made up of seasoned professionals who bring a unique blend of creativity, precision and passion to each project. Whether we're transforming an office, a warehouse or a retail space, our mezzanine design solutions are always tailored to boost your workspace's functionality while at the same time enhancing its aesthetics. In short, we’re quick, we’re conscientious and we’re considerate of the ongoing operations of your business. 

What is Mezzanine Flooring?

Mezzanine flooring is a practical, innovative solution for businesses facing space constraints. A mezzanine deck is an intermediate floor built between the main floors of a building. It's a highly versatile solution that allows you to maximise your existing space by taking advantage of the unused vertical areas in your building. This could mean transforming underutilised warehouse height into a new department, providing additional space for office desks, or creating a unique retail display area. 

Call us on 01905 771 896 or send us an email at if you're seeking reasonably priced premium mezzanine flooring in Gloucester or nearby areas. We’ll come out to your premises, learn about your operations, perform a free on-site survey and subsequently provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate. 

Types of Mezzanine Floors We Offer

We provide an array of mezzanine flooring solutions, each designed and crafted to suit various business needs. From warehouse and office mezzanine flooring to fire-resistant options, we have the experience and expertise to deliver the perfect solution for your requirements. 

Warehouse Flooring

We specialise in single and multi-tier mezzanine flooring systems suitable for warehouses. By prioritising efficiency and cost-effectiveness, we deliver solutions that help you avoid the disruption of relocating, offering an outstanding space management alternative. Designed to withstand heavy loads, our warehouse mezzanine floors are ideal for supporting pallets, racking and shelving systems. 

Fire Protected Decks 

Fire safety is paramount when considering a mezzanine floor installation, particularly if the floor will be regularly used by people. We offer fire-resistant mezzanine flooring that meets all safety regulations, providing at least 60 minutes of fire resistance through various methods including column casings, intumescent paint, bulkheads and facias as well as PVC cladding. 

We can discuss the usage of your new mezzanine deck when we provide your on-site survey and allay any worries you may have about fire regulations concerning your installation. 

Steel Warehouse Flooring Expansions

If you're running out of space in your office, our office mezzanine flooring solutions can quickly and cost-effectively provide the solution you're looking for. Our experienced team is adept at creating functional and aesthetically pleasing mezzanine floors that can completely transform your workspace. From providing additional space for desks to creating entirely new departments, we can ensure your office becomes a place where people are proud to work and where productivity thrives. 

Sectors We Work With



Healthcare and Care



We pride ourselves on offering the correct advice to each sector, some of the more common services we have catered for in the leisure industry so far include:


Viewing platforms

Floor for further fitness equipment

Staffroom fitouts

Hygienic suspended ceilings



Many of our industrial projects have required additional storage and space solutions to maximise the workspace they have. We can help create a more functional area. Some of the services we used in this sector are:


Jumbo partitioning

Office Partitions

Mezzanine floor creating more space



In the healthcare industry, construction must adhere to certain protocol, which JUST MCP follow to the highest standard.

JUST have worked on various healthcare projects, including several hospitals across the UK. Implementing the following fitouts:


White Rock: Hygienic & maintenance free

Suspended ceilings with wipeable TVC tiles

Office & staffroom fitouts



JUST MCP have worked within the education sector for over 20 years, our work is diverse and centred around safety. Some of the more common requirements have included:


Sound proofing ceiling tiles

White rock within the bathrooms



Noise, light, hygiene, and safety all come into consideration when building within the care industry.

Some common requirements have included:


Sound proofing ceiling tiles

White rock within the bathrooms

Suspended ceilings with wipeable TVC tiles

Office & staffroom fitouts

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Project of mezzanine floor and suspended ceiling at Gracie Barra

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