Bespoke Mezzanine Flooring Specialist in Worcester

Discover superior quality mezzanine flooring solutions, right here in Worcester, with JUST MCP. Renowned as a leading mezzanine flooring specialist, we promise our clients a perfect mix of efficiency, flexibility and innovation with their mezzanine deck installation. Our mission is to maximise your workspace in a cost-effective manner, without sacrificing the existing quality or aesthetics of your business. 

Our services encompass everything; designing, supplying and installing mezzanine floors tailored to your unique business requirements. Whether you seek to expand your warehouse, create additional office space or enhance your retail shop floor, you can put your trust in JUST MCP for a seamless service. Contact us today to talk about your needs. 


Who Are Just MCP?

Here at JUST MCP, we are a pioneer in the field of mezzanine flooring, with decades of industry experience and a reputation as a diligent and efficient mezzanine building contractor for businesses across Worcester and Worcestershire. We are a dedicated team of experienced engineers and project managers who stand by the ethos of delivering uncompromising quality with a keen focus on functionality and style. Our service extends beyond just installing floors; we believe in building spaces that foster productivity and efficiency, making every square inch count. 

Our engineers have honed their skills over many years, delivering impeccable mezzanine flooring solutions that blend seamlessly with your existing premises. We serve a diverse range of clients from retail outlets to warehouses and office spaces, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of diverse business needs. Backed by a strong foundation of customer satisfaction, we’re ready to redesign and redefine your business premises. 


Affordable Mezzanine Flooring Services in Worcester?

In the bustling business landscape of Worcester, space is a premium asset. Mezzanine flooring comes as an innovative and affordable solution, quickly adding an extra level to your existing floor space without the need for expensive relocation or extensive reconstruction. It’s a cost-effective, semi-permanent floor installation, designed to make better use of your existing vertical space.  

This versatile option proves advantageous across various sectors, from creating extra storage space in warehouses, accommodating more retail displays in stores or even generating additional office areas. At JUST MCP, we custom design mezzanine floors, ensuring they cater perfectly to your business requirements and aesthetics. 

One quick call to 01905 771 896 or an email to is all it takes to discover more about reasonably priced premium mezzanine flooring in Worcester. We can even schedule a free on-site survey to provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate. 

Mezzanine Floor

Types of Mezzanine Floors We Offer:

Warehouse Flooring

Our warehouse mezzanine floor options are engineered to enhance your storage capacity effectively. We specialise in single and multi-tier mezzanine floors, ideal for businesses aiming to optimise their warehouse space.  

Our designs always prioritise functionality, safety and robustness, ensuring they can withstand the heavy loads typically associated with warehouse operations. We specialise in steel mezzanine floors that are specifically engineered to hold pallets, racking, shelves and other bulk objects. 

Office Mezzanine Flooring project

Expansive Retail Flooring

Our steel mezzanine floors are designed for strength and durability, making them an excellent choice for adding an extra dimension to your retail premises. Incorporating structural I-beams and open web bar joists, these floors are engineered to endure substantial loads, all while offering increased column spacing for better utilisation of your overall space. 

Whether you’d like your store to hold more stock or would just like to space your existing selection out for a more aesthetically pleasing customer experience, we can provide the perfect retail mezzanine for you. 

Steel Mezzanine Floor - Industrial fit out contractors

Fire Protection for Extra Flooring

We ensure safety without compromising on aesthetics with our fire-resistant mezzanine floors. They adhere to strict safety regulations, providing a minimum of 60 minutes of fire resistance. These floors feature innovative fire protection elements like column casings, intumescent paint, bulkheads and facias, among other innovative safety components. 

If you have any worries regarding the effect a mezzanine installation will have on your fire safety obligations – fear not. The JUST MCP team understand the regulations and will ensure your premises remain compliant with the law. 


Extra Office Flooring Decks

Finding additional office space need not be such a challenge anymore. With JUST MCP, we can transform your existing workspace into a multifunctional area, efficiently accommodating your growing workforce. Our bespoke office mezzanine floors are created by our experienced design and engineering team to integrate fully with your existing decor, ensuring a balance of function and style. 

With our suspended ceiling and partition wall services also available, we can even transform your entire office into a modern, spacious and fit-for-purpose hub. 

Mezzanine Flooring with stairs

How Good Do They Look?

Mezzanine floors look stunning! The incredible thing about a mezzanine is its versatility in customisation. Whether you need to maximise space in your warehouse with a simple and practical installation or seamlessly integrate new office space into your existing premises, JUST MCP will ensure your finished mezzanine fits into your existing space with all the décor and finishing touches you require. 

We take pride in our completed projects, and here on our website, we showcase a small selection of warehouse mezzanines and office mezzanine floors installed not only in Worcester but also in the surrounding areas. Get inspired by our portfolio and discover how we can bring your business to new heights.