Mezzanine Fire Protection

Mezzanine Flooring is an increasingly popular way to divide up workspaces. Mezzanines offer many benefits, including additional space, privacy and improved aesthetics.

Depending on use, mezzanine flooring must adhere to UK fire safety regulations in order to protect those in the vicinity, whether visitors or staff. As a leading mezzanine floor supplier, we ensure that all our mezzanine flooring is structurally sound and has a fire rating of at least one hour to be considered safe.

It is recommended that any mezzanine flooring is equipped with adequate fire prevention methods, from column casings to smoke detectors – all designed to prevent or mitigate the spread of fire. Mezzanine floors that do not meet these standards pose a serious risk to the safety of those in the vicinity.

Fire Protection Mezzanine Floors are Used for:

If you intend to have offices fitted on your mezzanine floor, then by law, it is required to have at least a 60-minute fire-protection rating. Mezzanine fire protection is crucial for employee safety and is also a compulsory component of building regulations. Regardless of intended use, we supply and install our mezzanine floors with all the necessary add-ons and ancillaries to create a legal and structurally-sound addition to your premises.

At JUST MCP, we ensure that our mezzanine flooring is correctly protected with components like column casings and cavity barriers coated in intumescent paint or in PVC cladding, offering a fire rating of one hour. Facias can also be fitted to any exposed edges for further mezzanine floor fire protection.

As a full fit out supplier for both industrial and commercial facilities, we apply our extensive knowledge to install a suspended ceiling above the mezzanine floor, fitted with fire-rated tiles. When used to create additional office space, we ensure that partitions are properly fitted around the edges to provide superior fire protection only available with JUST MCP.

  • 01

    Additional office space

  • 02

    Increased safety within the production process

  • 03

    Extra storage capacity

  • 04

    Solution that adheres to building regulations

The Benefits

Our mezzanine floors at JUST come with an array of benefits that will significantly increase the safety and efficiency of any facility. With a choice of either a single or multi-tier mezzanine floor, we ensure that the mezzanines we install meet your exact requirements.

Other benefits of a mezzanine floor include:

Flexible: semi-permanent structure


Quick installation

Customised to unique requirements

Our team remains professional and courteous throughout the entire process, cementing our reputation as expert mezzanine floor installers.

Mezzanine Floor Fire Protection Suppliers

At JUST, we offer a full turnkey service that guarantees you safety and appropriate fire protection with your mezzanine floor. We supply and install a wide range of ancillaries, such as facias, fire box lights, fire-retardant cladding and other additional safety features, all designed to provide you with a mezzanine floor completed to the highest possible standard in all sectors.

As a fully accredited supplier, our fire protected mezzanine floors are cost-effective solutions that provide additional space that not only complies with all insurance and leasing requirements but also provides ample protection for your premises.

“JUST have carried out a number of projects for us over the years – Justin, Ant, Aaron and the team are now one of our most trusted suppliers. The quality and work ethic of the guys is absolutely astounding. They also work incredibly well to find solutions to problems when they arise during a project. It is very hard to find an organisation that operates as well as these guys do, and I can't recommend them highly enough."

Alex Henney, Business owner

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