Office Mezzanine

As businesses continue to expand, increased office space becomes a sought-after necessity – as companies seek to comfortably fit all staff as well as store essential equipment. A cost-effective and creative alternative to finding additional space is to install an office mezzanine floor.

In office environments, mezzanine floors provide the additional space required by taking full advantage of empty vertical areas. Office mezzanines are an efficient and cost-effective solution that is both beneficial and appealing. The possibilities that amezzanines mezzanine floor can offer range from a new storage area, to meeting rooms and beyond.

At JUST, we design our mezzanines to be in keeping with the aesthetic and overall tone of your office to create a seamless layout. Our semi-permanent flooring solutions are built from the strongest materials, with a standard steel frame that is designed to your workspace’s dimensions. Each of our mezzanine floor designs can be built and deconstructed as and when you require, offering flexibility in creating a dynamic work environment.

Improve your building’s aesthetics, space, and work environment with a mezzanine floor for your office from JUST MCP.

Office Mezzanine Floors are used for:

Mezzanine floors are beneficial as they utilise otherwise wasted headspace. Installing a mezzanine floor creates a safe, structural platform that can become a meeting area, additional office space, storage space or much more. Office mezzanine floors by JUST can be created bespoke to suit your environment, thanks to our expert team.

A simple yet effective solution, adding a mezzanine floor to your office space allows your company to grow without the expense of having to relocate to larger premises. Designed from an initial free site survey, we provide a quote and timeframe to implement your new mezzanine, all constructed from a comprehensive range of materials and finishes.

Make your office space more efficient and dynamic with JUST MCP. Our mezzanine floors can provide:

  • 01

    Increased storage capacity

  • 02

    Additional workspace or meeting rooms

  • 03

    Staff rooms or training areas

  • 04

    Adaptable space for your business

The Benefits

A mezzanine floor in an office can lead to an improved workflow, since the new, unique space they create can be used for meetings or other activities that would otherwise cause distractions. By reducing disruption with an office mezzanine, your business will become exponentially more productive.

Other benefits of a mezzanine floor in an office include:

Cost-effective storage solution

Improved productivity

Quick installation

Flexible: semi-permanent structure

Hassle-free process

Aesthetically pleasing

Cost-effective storage solution

The perfect way to create extra space without the need for expensive construction or relocation.

Improved productivity

Done by providing additional workspace, which can create a more efficient work environment.

Quick installation

The installation process is designed to avoid as much downtime for your business as possible.

Flexible: semi-permanent structure

Mezzanines are flexible as they can be deconstructed and relocated easily.

Hassle-free process

Our processes are designed to be simple and quick, supported by communication and planning.

Aesthetically pleasing

Office mezzanine floors can add to the existing aesthetic of a building and be customised to your needs.

Our team remains a professional and courteous manner throughout the process, cementing our reputation as expert mezzanine floor installers.

Why Choose JUST MCP for your office mezzanine floors?

Because we offer a full turnkey service that will meet your each and every need. Using more than 40 years of experience and industry know-how, we guarantee high-quality results to satisfy our customers. We’ll get to know your company so that we can help in the best possible way and be with you at every stage of the process. More reasons to choose us:

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    Competitive quatation

  • 02

    Professional service that guaruntees quality

  • 03

    Excellent customer service on all projects

At JUST, we care about our customers. We’ll strive to provide you with an office mezzanine floor that leaves you satisfied.

An Office Mezzanine From Just MCP Will Maximise Your Space and Potential

Are you looking for an effective way to maximize your office space and business potential without having to invest in costly relocation or construction expenses? Look no further than an office mezzanine floor from JUST.

Our mezzanine floors are designed to provide you with the additional workspace you need without having to expand your office's footprint. Whether you need more office space, meeting rooms, storage, or a break room, our mezzanine floors can be customised to meet your specific needs, across all sectors. We use high-quality materials and modern engineering techniques to ensure that our mezzanine floors are safe, durable and long-lasting.

With a mezzanine floor from JUST, you can improve your office's functionality, productivity and value, all whilst avoiding costly expenses. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you maximize your office space and potential.


Office Mezzanine Flooring project
Office Partitioning and mezzanine flooring

Leading Supplier of Bespoke Office Mezzanine Floors

Our team provides a comprehensive turnkey service that includes custom office mezzanine floor design, fabrication and installation to equip your business with the necessary resources for expansion. We place emphasis on listening to and learning about you and your business. In all aspects of the process, from design all the way to execution, our mezzanine floor solutions are bespoke to you and tailored to meet your each and every need. No matter the size or budget of your business, we know that we can create a solution that works for you and ultimately leaves you satisfied. JUST MCP are proud to be a leading supplier of high-quality, bespoke office mezzanines.

Start your journey with an initial free site survey and no-obligation quote to discover our office mezzanine flooring solutions.


Safe and Compliant

We assume complete accountability for ensuring that each mezzanine floor we design conforms to the regulations set by the local authorities for mezzanine building and fire safety. You can rest assured that our high-quality space management solutions are efficient and in line with all requirements. We work to provide you with more space, not only in your office and warehouse – but your mind.


Bespoke Designs, Manufacturing and Installation 

As part of our full turnkey service, we can design, manufacture and install your bespoke office mezzanine floor to provide your business with the tools it needs to grow. At JUST MCP, we offer a cost-effective solution that’s easy to build, completely customisable and fully flexible, with a semi-permanent structure that’s ideal for a leased building.

Begin your journey with an initial free site survey and no obligation quote to discover our flooring solutions. We also supply services for suspended ceilings and office partition walls.

The expenses for each floor will be assessed based on the unique project requirements. To obtain an exact, free, no-obligation quotation, contact our friendly team.

“Working with JUST was a pleasure! Richard, Justin and Racheal were extremely helpful from the get-go, and they did a fantastic job with the new office redesign in our Birmingham branch. Thanks again for all your help”.

Tracey Adams, customer in Birmingham

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