Retail Mezzanine Floor

Retail mezzanine floors are a great way to maximise space in your retail store or unit. By utilising the unused headspace, you can double or triple your existing floor space using a quick and non-disruptive method. Not only does this save you money on construction costs, but it also allows you to keep your operation all under one roof.

Mezzanine floors in a retail environment offer an ideal space-saving solution. Providing an additional cost-effective storage area or added retail floor space, our floors create an aesthetically pleasing and customer-friendly solution for your business.

They are semi-permanent flooring solutions that can be built and deconstructed as and when you require, providing you with a customisable space manufactured to your unique requirements. A Retail Mezzanine floor is a cost-effective storage solution ideal for businesses looking to grow.

Retail Mezzanine Floors are used for:

Optimising additional space in a retail setting can be crucial to the success of a business. Maximising the wasted vertical space, our floors can lead to increased efficiency that provides a business with more room to work, product displays or additional facilities for staff and customers, such as changing rooms, toilets or even a café.

The ROI on a retail mezzanine floor is high for shopping outlets that may be outgrowing their current space and are looking for creative solutions to expand. All constructed from the finest and most durable materials available, our mezzanines create an effective and sturdy solution for a retail environment that adheres to all building regulations and fire safety requirements.

Installing a floor creates a safe, structural platform that can be utilised for additional workspace with partition walls, storage, and much more. The floors are versatile to suit your specific requirements and can be constructed and deconstructed, making them ideal for leased buildings.

  • 01

    Additional retail floor space

  • 02

    Onsite offices or staff areas

  • 03

    Increased storage capacity

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    Customer friendly amenities

The Benefits

A mezzanine floor can lead to an improved layout and workflow of any retail outlet, which can lead to increased sales and greater capacity for both stock and customers.

By installing a new floor level, your business can continue to grow, becoming exponentially more productive.

Other benefits of a new retail mezzanine floor include:


Customisable to unique requirements

Flexible: semi-permanent structure

Quick Installation

Our team remains professional and courteous throughout the process, cementing our reputation as expert mezzanine floor installers.

Leading Retail Meazzanine Floor Suppliers

Our floors are designed with strength in mind. Our steel mezzanine designs are ideal for large retail outlets, providing a strong and secure space with additional storage capacity. They can be built and deconstructed as and when, making them ideal space-saving solutions for businesses.

At JUST, we offer a full turnkey service that’s covered from design, manufacture and ends with installation, for all sectors. We also provide suspended ceilings and supply an array of ancillaries, such as handrails, partitions and other safety features that create a sleek and lightweight structure, completed to the highest possible standard.

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