Benefits Of Installing A Mezzanine Office Floor

Many businesses, whether large or small, often see an increase in growth after a certain period. This growth often leads to the need to take on more staff which results in needing additional office space.

Between 2000 and 2021 the overall UK working business population increased by 61%, leading business owners to find creative alternatives to fit all employees into their offices.

One such creative solution is to install an office mezzanine floor. Incorporating a mezzanine floor into your office designs can lead to numerous advantages for your business. JUST MCP specialise in affordable space-saving solutions that improve the workflow and productivity of a company.

A mezzanine office floor installed by JUST comes with a range of benefits, whether it’s for a small or large business. We’ve highlighted the main benefits of installing a mezzanine office floor in this helpful blog.

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Maximises space

One of the biggest advantages of creating a mezzanine office floor is that it maximises the use of space within your premises.

For example, if you have a large open area, like an open plan office and need additional space, installing a mezzanine floor in the office can provide you with additional room in the same amount of space.

This negates the need to move to larger premises, as an office mezzanine space utilises the vertical space, that often goes unused.

Depending on the size, a mezzanine opens up the space that can then be adapted into another room, if combined with a partition. Our expert design team at JUST can help create the perfect mezzanine solution to suit your budget, style, and needs.


Glass Partition at Alpha Drive Walsall


Installing a mezzanine office floor is a cost-effective way to create additional space in your business premises. A mezzanine can save money by:

  • creating additional storage space that can be used underneath the floor or on the newly created landing, reducing the need to buy and fit additional storage units or cupboards.
  • Mezzanine office floors provide a cheaper alternative than having to relocate or renovate the premises.
  • They act as additional insulation, creating an effective heating barrier that will reduce heating costs in the winter months.
  • Cost-effective and affordable to install a mezzanine office space.

They can also be installed quickly and with minimal disruption to your business operations.


Aesthetically appealing

Mezzanine office floors can add a touch of style to your business premises.

Mezzanines supplied and installed by JUST MCP are available in a variety of different styles and designs to help enhance your office environment.

As well as the different styles of partition walls that can be added, our office mezzanine floor designs can also be finished with a range of flooring options, from carpet or tiles to hardwood or vinyl. Each solution will come bespoke to your office and only enhances the visual aspect of the work environment.

Project of mezzanine floor and suspended ceiling at Gracie Barra


Improved Workflow

As well as aesthetics, installing an office mezzanine floor can improve the workflow in your premises too. Mezzanines can be used to create separate areas for different tasks, which is a useful tip that can help to improve the efficiency and productivity of your office.

They can also be used to segregate noisy areas from the rest of your premises, such as being used as a meeting room, resulting in minimal disruption to the overall workflow.


Improved visibility

The design of an office mezzanine floor helps to also create an additional vantage point for the larger workspace alongside the aesthetics. By establishing an office on a mezzanine floor, it allows the user to see the entire open plan area.


Flexible and safe

Mezzanine floors are highly flexible and can be adapted to suit a variety of different purposes. They can also be easily reconfigured if your business requirements change in the future.

At JUST MCP, our mezzanines are typically constructed from strong materials such as steel, which creates a sturdy and secure frame. As semi-permanent structures, they can be moved, dismantled, and rebuilt with ease, creating an almost portable workspace.

Further features can also be fitted to a mezzanine office space, such as safety railings, lighting and other features that will further improve safety.


Mezzanine floors in an office

The array of benefits that come with installing an office mezzanine floor is evident. By taking advantage of the height of your building and overall space, a mezzanine is a creative solution to fixing issues such as limited space, aesthetics, and even overall productivity.

Office Partitioning and mezzanine flooring

JUST MCP offer an affordable and cost-effective solution to maximise space. Our skilled and highly qualified experts have over 40 years of industry experience in providing effective space solutions at competitive prices and excellent quality.

With an array of services available, including design and installation, JUST are here to help. Contact us to find out more.