How To Maximise Warehouse Space

Having an efficient production process is the key to any successful warehouse. A significant factor in creating an efficient environment is often tied to the space available.

Being able to maximise your warehouse space will not only provide additional benefits for you but will also help to create an effective workflow.

At JUST, we specialise in implementing cost-effective space-saving solutions across an array of industries. Our expertise ensures that you can create an efficient working environment for your warehouse through our range of services.

Whether you’re looking to install a new warehouse mezzanine floor or a steel portioning, this informative blog will outline the most efficient ways for you to maximise your warehouse space.


Benefits of more warehouse space

Having more space in your warehouse can come with an assortment of benefits.

These include:

  • Improved stock control and organisation
  • Easier picking and packing of orders
  • More room for storage and inventory
  • Increased safety for employees, who no longer need to work in cramped conditions
  • Better working environment

Maximising your warehouse space, however, may not be tied to just one simple solution; this ultimately depends on your current warehouse setup and what it is you’re specifically focusing on. For example, installing a suspended ceiling design may help to improve efficiency, but it won’t increase storage capacity.

A few common solutions may be needed to maximise warehouse space. As a leading industrial contractor, JUST provide the most effective space management solutions that are designed specifically to optimise space and improve efficiency.


Warehouse mezzanine floor

There are many ways to maximise warehouse space, and one option is to install a warehouse mezzanine floor. Mezzanine floors are intermediate floors situated between the main floors of a building.


Warehouse Mezzanine floors can double or even triple the amount of useable space in your warehouse, without the need for costly and disruptive expansion work. This additional space will then provide you with a greater capacity to take on more stock or goods.

Mezzanine floors are also a more cost-effective and quicker solution to install than traditional warehouse extensions or even moving to a larger storage facility.

Warehouse mezzanines are fantastic space providers, still offering full visibility of the entire warehouse floor.

Warehouse Mezzanine


Steel partitioning

Steel partitioning is another option for increasing the space in your warehouse. Steel partitioning can be used to create separate storage areas or even an office space.

Installing an industrial partition within a large room creates a quick and easy solution to maximise space without the need for expensive building work. Steel partitions are also very strong and durable, making it ideal for warehouses that experience a lot of foot traffic and deal with larger machinery.

Steel Partitioning

Glass partitioning

If your warehouse is customer-facing, commonly seen with car showrooms, a similar solution is to install an industrial glass partition wall instead. This sleeker and more stylish industrial room partition helps to create a brighter and more professional working environment.

Our partition wall services at JUST ensure that you can optimise the space available at your premises to create more storage or working space within your warehouse; effectively managing your floor space and creating an environment unique to your requirements.

Glass Partition


Warehouse ceiling

The warehouse ceiling is often forgotten about when it comes to maximising warehouse space. Suspended ceilings are very good at reducing noise levels in warehouses, which can improve the working environment for employees and therefore lead to high productivity and efficiency.

Installing a suspended ceiling design can provide an innovative way to transform the space with an array of benefits that stretch beyond the aesthetic:

  • Provides soundproofing
  • Covers messy pipes and wires
  • Improved hygiene
  • Sleeker interior design
  • Energy efficient

As an effective space management system, suspended ceilings are a unique method that creates an aesthetically appealing work environment. You can discover more about the benefits of a suspended ceiling here.

Warehouse Suspended Ceilings


Maximising space with JUST

At JUST, we work to transform warehouse environments into becoming adaptable and efficient spaces.

Our services include the construction and crafting of warehouse mezzanines, suspended ceiling designs and industrial room partitions. We alter the working environment of a warehouse to the specific needs of the individual business to maximise the space available.

Each project is completely bespoke and unique as every warehouse will require different solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how JUST MCP can help to maximise your warehouse space.