Improve your Business With A Retail Mezzanine Floor

A mezzanine floor provides an efficient and cost-effective way to increase the space, display area or storage capacity of a facility. For businesses with shop fronts, installing a retail mezzanine floor can improve productivity and provide a unique way to manage your retail operation.

As leading mezzanine floor suppliers across the West Midlands, we specialise in providing quality results at affordable prices to help you improve and expand your business the right way. The benefits of installing a unique mezzanine floor, designed specifically to your needs can help to generate more revenue and improve the layout, safety and capacity of your store.

In this blog, we’ve shared how a retail mezzanine floor can help improve your business.


Benefits of a Retail Mezzanine Floor

The advantages of retail mezzanine floors are numerous, including:

  • Extending Shop Floor Space: Most retail shops have limited floor space, resulting in items often being crowded onto shelves, hung on racks or displays being overcrowded. With a retail mezzanine, the products can be more easily seen and accessed by customers and staff alike. This can help to increase sales and improve the customer experience while shopping.
  • Increased Stock Levels: With an additional floor level, a mezzanine can increase the level of stock and extend the available shop floor space to further increase the quantity available to customers.
  • Easier Staff Access: Retail mezzanine floors can create new areas that can make it easier for staff to access areas. They can be modified to provide administrative office space for staff or additional services, such as seating areas for customers, toilets and other facilities. These extra areas can help create an inviting atmosphere and encourage customers to stay longer in the shop too.


Meeting Building and Fire Safety Regulations

In the UK, most mezzanine floors must comply with fire regulations as well as building regulations. Retail mezzanines must be fitted with adequate fire protection to ensure safety for all that will use it.

This includes having adequate ventilation, using non-combustible materials and passive fire protection solutions in order to protect customers and staff in the event of an emergency. To learn more about fire protected mezzanines and how we actively ensure the safety of those that use them, visit our dedicated mezzanine fire protection page.


Access Requirements

Additionally, retail stores should make sure to accommodate for disabled access when installing a retail mezzanine floor. As per the Equality Act 2010, it states that any business that provides goods or services must make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to ensure that everyone can access their services.

This is further reflected in building regulations legislation to ensure that goods lifts or conveyors, where applicable are also installed. This includes supplying access to mezzanine floors, which often depend on staircases.

For expert advice on the best solution that will suit your needs, contact us to learn how we can help. At JUST MCP, we offer an on-site consultation and a free site survey to better determine your requirements.


Why choose a Retail Mezzanine from JUST?

More Cost-Effective

Installing a retail mezzanine floor is a cheaper alternative than traditional building work, such as constructing an extension or moving to a bigger location.


Unique Bespoke Designs

At JUST, we create bespoke solutions available in a variety of sizes and designs, all tailored to your space. As leading mezzanine floor suppliers, we provide everything from design to installation, customised to fit your shop how you need it.


Installed Quickly and Correctly

With years of experience, we can install mezzanine floors quickly and efficiently, thanks to their semi-permanent structure. We aim to achieve this with minimal disruption to your business, ensuring that your store is able to maximise the space without waiting months for completion.


Better Utilises Wasted Space

Retail mezzanine floors are perfect for places that have limited floor space but ample vertical headspace that’s being unused. By installing a mezzanine, retail stores can better utilise their wasted space and provide a way to restructure the layout for a better customer experience.


Why Choose JUST MCP

At JUST, we provide cost-effective space-saving solutions with our quality mezzanine flooring. Our mezzanine floors offer a durable and sturdy alternative to relocating your retail business without the need for major renovations that can be easily adjusted, maximising the available space without compromising aesthetics.

As the leading specialist in mezzanine floors in the West Midlands, we carefully construct each project from the finest and the strongest materials to ensure safety, stability and security. Every project at JUST starts with a free site survey and ends with complete customer satisfaction.

Enquire today to book your retail store expansion with JUST.