Partition Walls The Right Solution For Your Premises?

Are you are looking to create a new stylish feature for your office or warehouse? partition walls are the way forward. Installing a partition wall between workstations, not only optimises space but also creates a more private environment for yourself and your employees.  


At Just MCP, we have over 40 years of experience and our team of in-house expert fitters is skilled in design, construction, and implementation. We also offer quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service, which sets us apart from our competitors. 

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We provide many types of Partition walls which are aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective and of exceptional quality. 


The Main Types of Partition Walls 


Firstly, office partitions are a terrific way of modernising your workplace, whether you want to resolve space or privacy issues, partition walls are the ideal solution. Rather than investing in a permanent wall which may need to be changed, investing in a partition wall is a more cost-effective solution, as they can be constructed and deconstructed to suit the property’s needs and changes. 


Office partition walls have many advantages they can help with increasing employee productivity; distractions can be avoided easier they simply provide a more straightforward management solution. 

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Glass partition walls offer a sleek and stylish partitioned space to suit any workplace environment. They are immensely popular because they provide an airy private space, without being segregated from the office.  


Glass partition walls work because they create additional space for the office with a transparent view. They are useful for meeting rooms, or just an office space. Glass partition walls are semi-permanent and can be moved at your discretion, to be adapted and modified with your space. 


Additionally, glass partition walls are aesthetically pleasing in the workplace because they make the office more streamlined and include a more sophisticated touch to the office interior, making it appealing to clients and employees. Moreover, many businesses include glass partitions because they bring in a lot of natural light, which lightens up the office making it a better office environment.  

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Steel partition walls are designed for use in industrial environments, as they can be constructed from mesh, skin, or double skin partitions. The steel partitions offer outstanding strength and security, making them reliable in the industrial industries and can be relocated to suit the properties’ space requirements. Additionally, steel partition walls have been fabricated to allow for quick installation. 


Steel partitions optimise space efficiently, making it ideal for warehouses that deal with large machinery and experience a lot of foot traffic. 


The benefits of steel partitioning are that they are lightweight, which means they can be dissembled and re-installed quickly, as they optimise space efficiently, whilst also providing privacy. They are an economical space management solution. 

Steel Partitioning


The aluminium framed partition wall can be quickly built and de-mounted to create semi-permanent space solutions in any environment. Aluminium partition walls are a safe and effective solution. 


The Jumbo Stud Partition Wall is most used in factories and warehouses. These kinds of partition walls are large metal frameworks to which plasterboard is secured. Jumbo partition walls are cost-effective and secure larger areas to create smaller, partitioned spaces to create a more functional workspace. 


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