Quick and easy ways to boost your office space

Partition walls are an ideal solution for boosting space in any office, as they can separate or divide larger areas into smaller, more manageable workspaces. They can also be a cost-effective alternative to constructing permanent walls, and rarely require planning permission, allowing quick and easy installation.


When planning the installation of partition walls, it’s important to consider the overall design and layout of your office, as well as the specific needs and preferences of the people who will be using the space. Partition walls are considered semi-permanent and can remain in situ for many years. But as your office and business evolve, partition walls can also be taken down and moved into new configurations with ease, creating a long-term, low-cost option for managing the layout and flow of your office.


At JUST MCP, we can help you choose the right kind of partition wall for your office from the range of stylish and functional solutions we regularly install for our clients.

What Types of Office Partition Walls Are There?

Glass Partitioning

Partition walls can be installed using a variety of different materials, including glass, wood, plastic, and metal. They can be installed in any colour or finish, whether you want them to seamlessly blend in with your existing walls or create a focal point in your office.


Glass Partition Walls for the Office


Glass is an immensely popular material for retaining a sleek and professional look in your office, creating new rooms and areas with a unique atmosphere suited to your business and employees. It also divides your office into a contemporary, organised workspace without blocking natural light.


At JUST MCP, we specialise in glass partition walls. Our frameless glass partition wall solutions offer smaller workspaces that still feel inclusive to the office.


Steel and Aluminium Partition Walls for the Office


Our high-quality steel and aluminium partition walls are also perfect for dividing larger spaces within your office into separate departments, or by function. You may prefer to install a steel partition wall between the general office space and any noisy or busy areas, such as an engineering room or warehouse.


Jumbo Stud Partition Walls for the Office


Jumbo stud partition walls are often used in high-ceiling, open spaces to create the main walls needed to turn an open unit into a bespoke office. They are a cost-effective and quick way to create the rooms and departments your business needs to function. Partnered with our expertise in mezzanine flooring and suspended ceilings, jumbo stud partition walls are the blocks on which efficient usage of space and optimised office workflow are built.

Top Reasons for Installing Office Partition Walls


Your business could benefit greatly from a JUST MCP office partition wall – here are just some of the reasons why.


  • Economical Space Management: A more professional workspace can be easily created with office partition walls. You can enhance your company’s productivity by dividing a huge area into smaller ones.
  • Soundproofing and Privacy: Help your employees and teams concentrate and focus without damaging conversation and collaboration between team members.
  • Adapt Existing Facilities: As your business grows you may worry about having to find larger business premises which will bring expense and downtime. Optimise and enhance your existing space instead.
  • Retain Natural Light: Our glass partition walls help retain the amount of natural light in your office. A naturally bright and airy office space creates a much nicer space.
  • Competitive and Affordable Pricing: We’re proud to be able to offer our services at very competitive prices, helping you get the best from your premises without costing the earth.
  • Semi-Permanent: Office partitions are flexible in their design and can be put up, taken down and rebuilt elsewhere to meet the shifting needs of your company.
  • Keep Disruption to a Minimum: Our speedy installation procedure is created to cause you as little inconvenience as possible while still following all required safety rules.


JUST MCP: The Experts in Office Partition Walls


JUST MCP offers the full office partition wall solution, from consultation and design to construction and finishing. Add to this our exceptional customer service and you can see why the completion of


With over 40 years of industry experience, JUST MCP has the expertise to help you find the right partition wall solution for your office. We begin with an initial free site survey to learn about your business and take the time to fully understand its needs. You will then receive your free no-obligation quote, with advice from our experts on the best office partition wall options for your business. We’re here to help you every step of the way.


Give us a call on  01905 771 896 to ask us about the questions and concerns you may have, and to begin the process of quickly and easily transforming your office. You can also email us at info@justmcp.co.uk or use our online contact form, and one of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.