The Benefits Of Installing A Suspended Ceiling

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Most offices and buildings neglect to consider the vertical space above them and therefore fail to utilise it effectively. But by adapting the unused space above your working environment, for example, an office with a suspended ceiling, you can gain benefits both in practicality as well as style.

Suspended ceilings provide an innovative way to transform the space with multiple benefits that stretch beyond the aesthetic appearance.

With over 30 years of experience, J.U.S.T can provide cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing space management solutions, specialising in suspended ceilings. Discover the benefits of a suspended ceiling below to see how it can positively impact your business.

Round Suspended Ceiling with Lights


Provides soundproofing

Implementing a suspended ceiling in an office building will provide improved acoustic qualities within the space. Suspended ceilings act as a sound barrier, reducing the noise from floors above, a prevalent issue in large office buildings.

J.U.S.T have a long-established relationship within the industry and has completed projects on every scale. Our team have the knowledge and skill to deliver the highest quality suspended ceilings to suit any building’s requirements and interior.


Covers pipes and wires

Most buildings have necessary pipes, wiring and ductwork running along with the ceiling. This can be unsightly and have negative effects on both the atmosphere of the office and its employees.

A suspended office ceiling hides the unappealing aspects of a room, covering any necessary structural components. This solution minimises the need to remove any pipes, ducts, or wiring, that could otherwise prove costly.

By concealing these elements, it’s not necessary to move anything. With new office ceiling tiles, they can also instead be easily fitted to lift to one side when repairs of any pipes or wiring is actually required.


Sleeker interior design

With the limitations presented in buildings with pipes, ducts and wiring, other issues can present themselves, such as lighting, ceiling colour and ceiling fans to name a few.

A suspended ceiling allows you to customise the look, style, and texture of your office space. It also allows you the freedom to specifically place elements such as lights, fans, and any other overhead features, like fire alarms to create a sleeker interior.

As a leading suspended ceiling supplier, J.U.S.T. offers quality craftsmanship and exceptional quality to ensure your space management needs are met to your design specifications.


Improved hygiene

Suspended ceilings have added resistance to moisture and mould when treated with a unique antimicrobial solution, resulting in a more hygienic space.

This is ideal for environments usually with minimal airflow, such as kitchens or bathrooms. Suspended ceilings can also be fitted with wipeable tiles, providing further hygiene benefits that will decrease the development and appearance of mould or bacteria.


Energy Efficient

Installing a suspended office ceiling will also improve the insulation of a building, resulting in a better ability to keep the heat in. This can lead to a reduction in energy expenses, making the office environment more energy efficient.

A suspended ceiling also allows for you to strategically place light fixtures as well as the number of lights, providing another opportunity to improve energy efficiency. The output and wattage of the lights can be more tailored to suit your environment too.


Suspended ceilings from J.U.S.T

As an effective space management system, suspended ceilings are a unique system that creates an aesthetically appealing work environment. At J.U.S.T, we offer suspended ceilings that can be made bespoke with your choice of tile to suit your office space.

We provide a cost-effective ceiling solution designed to your specifications, that will ensure a harmonious working environment for your business.

If you’re interested to learn more about how J.U.S.T can transform your office and solve your space management issues, contact us today. We offer a free no obligation quote.

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