Top Ways You Can Can Increase Office Efficiency

There’s a lot that can be done to get the very best out of your business space and increase office efficiency. Studies have shown that an optimised office layout can increase efficiency and productivity and give employees a greater sense of job satisfaction.

Key points raised in the debate about the ‘best’ type of office layout often centre around the open plan versus cellular approach to office design, with both approaches having their advantages and disadvantages. This blog isn’t the place for a deep dive into the specifics, but general wisdom would suggest that a balance somewhere between the two offers the most efficient solution if space is available to achieve this.

Space is the key word here, and many businesses looking into office space optimisation may be put off almost immediately by the costs involved in large-scale building work, or even by the upheaval caused by moving to larger premises. But there are more affordable ways to maximise and optimise the space you already have, and that’s where JUST MCP – the specialists in mezzanine floors, suspended ceilings and partition walls – come in.

Create More Office Space with Mezzanine Floors


Mezzanine floors can, put simply, create space in your office that you didn’t know you had. Mezzanine floors sit between two existing floors of a building, or between the floor and ceiling in single-storey properties.

They can help break up large office spaces where it’s all too easy for employees to become distracted by noise and movement and help restore some of the much-needed features of more compartmentalised spaces, such as privacy and a quiet place to concentrate.

A mezzanine floor can be used to allow each employee more space, to create new quiet workspaces or even meeting rooms and break out areas to lift the mood of your whole establishment. Cluttered offices are rarely working at full efficiency, so storage space could improve your premises too. As a specialist office mezzanine floor supplier and installer, JUST MCP can handle the entire process of creating your mezzanine, from the initial design to the completed project.

Improve Office Lighting and Ventilation with Suspended Ceilings


Comfort is vital to efficiency, and only so much can be done with furniture such as desks and chairs. The overall office environment needs to be well-ventilated, temperature-controlled and correctly illuminated to get the very best from your employees, and a suspended ceiling installation can help achieve much of this.

Suspended ceilings, as their name alludes, hang from the ‘real’ ceiling or roof of your office, and reduce the overall height, giving the space a more professional and comfortable look and feel. Suspended ceiling tiles are great for acoustics and can absorb background noise. On top of this, modular lighting solutions can be easily installed into the ceiling to achieve ideal lighting.

A suspended ceiling installation can also house a heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system, so you can keep your office at the optimum temperature no matter the external weather, and ensure your employees are breathing fresh circulated air from outside. And all without any visible ducting and plant machinery, as this is hidden above the suspended ceiling.

Enhance Office Privacy with Partition Walls


The final string to our office efficiency bow is our partition wall supply and installation service. Partition walls can quickly, easily and affordably give your office a new sense of structure and purpose, which isn’t always as easy to achieve with a fully open-plan space.

From forming new office traversal routes that steer general traffic away from working employees to creating entirely new offices and meeting rooms, partition walls are a quick, easy and semi-permanent way to achieve this. Partition walls can be deconstructed and moved if your space needs to change again in the future, but they have the look of permanent walls and will fit seamlessly into the existing décor and style of your office.

Natural light, or lack thereof, can be one of the biggest dampeners on employee satisfaction and efficiency, so stylish glass partition walls can be installed to retain the flow of natural light through your office, with opaque partition walls installed where privacy, focus and concentration are more important.

Affordable Office Efficiency Improvements – Customised by JUST MCP


Reformatting your office space with a mezzanine floor, suspended ceiling or partition wall installation – or a mix of all three – will not only refresh your working environment and maximise the space you have but can also help to significantly improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

Well-designed, fit-for-purpose office space is vital in today’s busy and connected world, as is finding and retaining the best people for your business. Comfort, organisation and cleanliness are vital for any space to be optimised, and we can provide all three via our mezzanine floor, partition wall and suspended ceiling installation services.


Improve Your Office Efficiency Today


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