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Elevate your workspace with a premium partition wall design and installation service for Gloucester, delivered by the skilled engineering team at JUST MCP. We offer a wide array of solutions tailored to your space, whether it's an office, warehouse or any other commercial setting. By harnessing our extensive experience and expertise in the industry, we create partition walls that perfectly balance functionality and aesthetic appeal.  

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Who Are We? 


At JUST MCP, we are a family-owned enterprise dedicated to providing exceptional space management solutions in Gloucester and beyond. With a strong legacy built over 30 years, we pride ourselves on our high-quality artisanship, high customer satisfaction rate and the creation of fully tailored fit-for-purpose spaces that add more than just new materials to workspaces. Our offerings range from custom partition walls and suspended ceilings to flexible mezzanine floors. Taken individually or as a set, these services create bespoke, inspiring and long-lasting spaces for you and your employees to enjoy. 

Office Partitioning - Office Fit Out Solutions

The Diverse Types of Partition Walls We Offer 

Our portfolio of partition wall solutions at JUST MCP is as diverse as our client's needs. We offer a variety of wall partitions, including elegant glass partitions for contemporary office spaces, robust steel partitions for industrial settings and bespoke solutions for unique requirements. 


Office Partition Walls 


Crafted to meet the dynamic needs of modern workplaces, our office partition walls create functional areas within larger open spaces. They are ideal for creating private offices, meeting rooms or giving specific departments a sense of their own space, enhancing productivity while adding a touch of elegance to your office. 


Glass Partition Walls 


For businesses seeking a balance between openness and privacy, our glass partition walls are an ideal choice. These walls enhance the flow of natural light, creating a vibrant workspace, while maintaining the necessary privacy. Customisable with various options such as frosted or patterned glass, these partitions can be aligned with your exact style and requirements. 


Steel Partition Walls 


Designed for industrial environments such as factories and warehouses, our steel partition walls offer the ultimate combination of durability and security. Despite their robust nature, these walls can be easily modified or relocated to meet your evolving workspace needs. 


Bespoke Partition Wall Solutions 


We provide bespoke partition wall solutions designed to cater to your distinct needs and preferences and no two projects are ever treated the same. From conception to completion, we work closely with you to ensure your vision is realised, ultimately creating a workspace that is truly reflective of your business and brand. 

Seamless Construction

Our in-house experts are on hand to work alongside you every step of the way. From the start of the process at the design stage to the end of the project when installation takes place. We adhere to all relevant guidelines and a company specific statement to ensure our work is carried out to the highest standards, every time.

The benefits of partition walls

Partition walls provide a low cost and effective room division solution without the need to construct or relocate to new premises, which can cost a fortune. They have many benefits including:

Dividing space and providing privacy

Lightweight-easy to take down and reinstall


Economical space management solution

Adapts your building space, without the inconvenience of relocation.

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Common questions about partition walls

What is a partition wall?

A partition wall is a non-load bearing wall (interior) that assists with space management

Will you need a building permit?

You will not need any kind of building permit to construct a non-load bearing partition wall.

Are they expensive?

Partition walls will vary depending on the size, space and material used etc..

How thick will a partition wall be?

The most used thickness is 100mm x 50mm, however other thickness’ can be considered if required.

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