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Modernise your workplace with an alternative aesthetic solution that can create a new space with a cost-effective solution; by implementing a partition wall. At JUST MCP, we offer an array of design options including glass partitioning, steel and standard office partitioning systems, all constructed from premium materials.

We specialise in creating a unique system by installing a structure that enhances your work environment. Our expertise extends from steel partitions, designed for warehouses and larger infrastructure, to smaller buildings with office partitions.

As a leading supplier throughout the West Midlands, we have experience in creating dynamic and economical space management solutions for any commercial setting. Starting with a free site survey, we carefully design a system that guarantees customer satisfaction at an affordable price.

What is a Partition Wall?

A partition wall is a type of non-load-bearing interior wall, typically made from wood, steel or glass. It is used to divide two spaces within one area in order to create two separate rooms. Our systems are installed quickly due to their lightweight design. They are typically shorter than standard load-bearing walls, allowing them to easily fit within existing structures without major work being required.

At JUST, we ensure that each steel, office or glass partitioning is designed for your needs and can be adapted to optimise your space efficiently to create a more functional environment. Learn how JUST MCP can transform your workspace with either office partitioning systems or an industrial partition solution.

Types of Design

We provide lightweight and reliable solutions for an array of bustling environments. Our experienced craftsmen can construct each partition to suit your needs, fabricated with a seamless construction process to allow for quick installation and minimal disruption to your workflow.

Our systems adhere to all relevant Building Regulations and necessary legislation from design, supply, construction all the way to installation.

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Our qualified team will remain professional throughout the entire process, cementing our reputation as specialist partition wall suppliers across the West Midlands and beyond.

The Benefits

Partition walls can transform large spaces into effective workspaces without affecting the design of the room permanently. At JUST, our selection of partition walls can provide an effective and low-cost room division solution that can add privacy to a room or help create a quiet and calm environment.

Office partitioning systems can help to improve the acoustics of a workplace by reducing noise in areas where people need to focus, designed to make a business more efficient.

Other benefits include:

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Provide soundproofing and privacy
Economical space management solutions
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Make business more energy efficient
Lightweight, easy to take down and reinstall
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Can be quickly installed
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Can adapt your building space

If you are considering installing a partition wall to adapt your office environment, please get in touch for a free on-site visit and no-obligation quote.

Partitioning Systems From JUST

At JUST, we specialise in crafting high-quality partitions for all your interior design needs. Our 40 years of expertise means our fully certified fitters can create and install a custom solution that is adapted perfectly into your space. Choose from the finest materials; rest assured each wall is professionally fitted with masterful precision that’s backed by our promise of superior quality to ensure client satisfaction.


Competitive and affordable pricing

Excellent customer service with every project

Professional service and designs to ensure quality


Transform your work area with our customised office partitioning systems. Our efficient installation process is designed to minimise any potential disruption to you, while still adhering to all applicable safety regulations. Put trust in us, the industry leaders – our team will assess onsite conditions through a free onsite survey prior to each project, ensuring that safety and quality is never compromised.

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