Glass Partitioning

We offer high-quality glass partition walls, often popular for office fit out projects looking to achieve a sleek and stylish interior. Our glass partition walls create a transparent landscape that divides your workspace into a coherent yet organised environment. Each glass partition walls for office environments are semi-permanent offering flexibility to be adapted and modified, amplifying the natural light into an open area while still maintaining a level of privacy and discretion.

Our team of expert fitters are skilled in construction, design, and implementation. Our team offer quality craftsmanship with over 40 years of experience and exceptional customer service to ensure your space management needs are met.

At JUST, our glass partition walls can be made bespoke and offer workspaces a unique design flair and system structure solution. Whether it be for an office fit out, showroom or another facility, our glass partition walls can be manufactured to create a unique atmosphere by creating additional rooms, storage areas or new space.

Enrich your workspace with a contemporary glass partition wall with JUST MCP.

Glass Partition Walls For Additional Space

Glass partition walls provide sleek and stylish partitioned space to any environment. Typically, a favourite in offices and other professional environments; glass partition walls provide bright, airy private spaces without the segregated feel.

Glass partition walls work to create transparent additional spaces for offices, meeting rooms, etc. Glass partition walls are semi-permanent and can be moved at your discretion to adapt and modify your space.

Types of partition wall

Aluminium framed

Aluminium framed partition walls can be quickly erected and de-mounted to create semi-permanent space solutions in any environment. Aluminium partition walls are a safe and effective solution.

Jumbo stud partition

Most commonly used in factories and warehouses. These types of partition walls are large metal frameworks to which plasterboard is secured to. Jump partition walls are cost-effective and secure larger areas to create smaller, partitioned spaces to create a more functional workspace.

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    High partition walls

  • 02

    Fire rated partition

  • 03

    Operable partition walls

The Benefits of Glass Partition Wall Systems

The main benefit of partition walls is that they provide effective and low-cost room division solutions. Glass partition walls can transform large spaces into effective workspaces without affecting the design of the room permanently.

Dividing space
easy to take
down and reinstall
Economical space
Can adapt
building’s space

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