Steel Partition Wall

Improving the infrastructure of your warehouse or other industrial facilities can be costly and time-consuming. But a steel partition wall is a popular choice that provides a quick and sturdy solution in adapting the space available to you.

Incorporating a steel partition into the design of your facility can lead to an array of benefits that provide an optimised production flow and additional privacy where needed. At JUST MCP, we’ve designed our steel partition walls to be lightweight, strong and semi-permanent, offering flexibility in location while retaining their strength.

We specialise in both aluminium framed and steel partitioning to ensure a durable yet lightweight solution to any facility. Each partition is constructed of the highest quality material, with our steel partitioning being made to measure. Whether you operate out of a large or small warehouse, we also design and fit Jumbo stud partition walls. Steel Jumbo partition walls are cost-effective solutions to section larger areas in creating smaller partitioned spaces to create a more functional workspace.

Each one of our partition walls that are made from steel adheres to all relevant fire safety standards and construction regulations that guarantee you a safe economical space management solution when working with JUST.


Semi-permanent space solutions

Steel partition walls are designed to be used in industrial environments. They are solid and reliable, suitable for industrial workspaces such as warehouses. Steel partitioning can be built and deconstructed to provide semi-permanent space solutions. Additionally, these partition walls are crafted from modular panels, prefabricated to allow for quick installation.

Partitions include:

  • 01

    High partition walls

  • 02

    Fire rated partition

  • 03

    Operable partition walls

Types of partition wall

Frameless glass partition

Frameless glass provides a modern and sleek feel to any office. This type of partition wall offers lots of light and creates a partitioned space that feels inclusive of the wider space. Its transparent glass partition walls provide privacy without excluding from the general space.

Aluminium framed

Aluminium framed partition walls can be quickly erected and de-mounted to create semi-permanent space solutions in any environment. Aluminium partition walls are a safe and effective solution.

Jumbo stud partition

Most commonly used in factories and warehouses. These types of partition walls are large metal frameworks to which plasterboard is secured to. Jumbo partition walls are cost-effective and secure larger areas to create smaller, partitioned spaces to create a more functional workspace.

The Benefits

The main benefit of partition walls is that they provide effective and low-cost room division solutions. Partition walls can transform large spaces into effective workspaces without affecting the design of the room permanently.

Dividing space
easy to take
down and reinstall
Economical space
Can adapt
building’s space

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