Suspended Ceiling Design and Installation in Birmingham

Suspended ceilings, sometimes known as false ceilings, are a fantastic way to give your office, warehouse or retail space an affordable, clean and aesthetically pleasing look without compromising on the overall quality of your premises. Here at JUST MCP, we specialise in suspended ceiling installation and design services and have been providing false ceiling installation to clients across Birmingham for over 40 years. 

Whether you’re looking for an office suspended ceiling, a false ceiling for your warehouse or an affordable way to improve the aesthetics of your retail space with a suspended ceiling, JUST MCP are here to help with our team of dedicated installers and fitters. To take advantage of a free quote, get in touch with us today to begin the process of transforming your space. 


JUST MCP Suspended Ceilings - Office Fit Out

Who We Are

JUST MCP are a trusted and experienced suspended ceiling supplier and installer based in the heart of England and able to provide false ceiling services across the Birmingham region and beyond. Our friendly, family-run firm prides itself on bespoke end-to-end service for all clients, ensuring your new suspended ceiling installation is completed, on time, on budget and all backed up by our renowned customer service. 

As well as our dedicated suspended ceiling design services, we also specialise in mezzanine floors and partition walls, meaning JUST MCP can complete office, warehouse and retail unit fit outs without the need for other external contractors. This can not only save money but also time, allowing all building and modification work to be carried out by one efficient, dedicated team.

The Types of Suspended Ceilings We Supply and Install

At JUST MCP we understand the benefits of installing a false ceiling in a variety of different buildings and businesses. Here are just a few of the most common places where our clients have asked us to install suspended ceilings. 


Office False Ceilings 


Suspended ceilings for offices are one of the most common installations we design and supply. They are popular with office spaces for several reasons, including: 

Hiding pipes, cables and HVAC ducts 

Reducing echo and improving general acoustics 

Insulating the area and retaining heat 

Allowing for improved lighting opportunities 

Improving the overall look and feel of an office  

We can also repair and replace false office ceilings where age has caught up with your original installation or damage has been caused by water ingress or other events. 


Warehouse False Ceilings 


By their very nature, warehouses are big, open spaces that are required to be minimal in their décor to ensure efficiency in their operation. But if there’s one installation that can transform a warehouse without affecting its running, it’s a false ceiling. Not only can a suspended ceiling in a warehouse hide a multitude of unsightly services, but it can also offer up much better lighting options and improved heat retention to benefit the staff working in the space. 


Retail False Ceilings 


Suspended ceilings in shops and department stores have long been used to keep shop floors looking beautiful and clean - while still allowing after-hours access to the ceiling cavity. This allows for straightforward changes in lighting and retail displays, while also making the addition of electricity and data cables for POS systems and displays much easier to achieve. False ceilings in shops also improve acoustics and insulation in the space, making the shopping experience more enjoyable for customers. 


Bespoke False Ceilings 


Whether for a commercial environment or a private premises, all our suspended ceiling installations are entirely bespoke and made-to-measure, whatever the shape and size of the area. The biggest benefits of installing a suspended ceiling are the improvements in aesthetics, insulation and atmosphere, whilst still being versatile enough to allow for access to any services that sit up above the new false ceiling. Contact the experts if you have any further questions to ask or would to discuss the next steps in your false ceiling design. 

Office Ceilings

Warehouse Ceilings


Suspended Ceilings

Bespoke Suspended Ceilings

Do They Look Good?

Suspended ceilings are specifically designed to look good, it’s essentially their prime objective. Not only can false ceilings be highly customised to suit the décor and ambience of your office or retail space, but they can also be used to hold lights, air-con and heating units, fire alarm equipment, wi-fi routers and a whole host of other essential business services. 

To see a small selection of the suspended ceilings installed in Birmingham and the surrounding areas by JUST MCP, please browse our complete projects, which also include mezzanine flooring and partition wall installations. 

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