Suspended Ceiling Installation in Bristol

False ceilings, sometimes referred to as suspended ceilings, are a great way to give your office, warehouse or retail space a professional-looking, clean and economical makeover without sacrificing the overall quality of your property. For more than 40 years, JUST MCP has provided false ceiling installation to customers in Bristol and the surrounding areas - in fact, we specialise in end-to-end suspended ceiling installation and design services. 

JUST MCP is here to help with our team of committed installers and fitters, whether you're looking for a suspended ceiling for an office, a fake ceiling for a warehouse, or a cheap option to improve the look of your shop with a suspended ceiling. Contact us right away to get started on improving your area and to receive a free quote. 

Suspended Ceiling

Who Are Just MCP?

JUST MCP, a trusted and renowned local supplier and installer of false ceilings with a base in the heart of England, provide suspended ceiling installation in Bristol and nearby areas. Our family-run business takes great pride in supplying a customised end-to-end service for every client. Our customer support services are on hand throughout the process, even after we have installed your new fake ceiling on schedule and within budget.  

Along with providing professional services for suspended ceiling design, JUST MCP also has expertise in mezzanine floors and partition walls, which allows us to complete office, warehouse and retail unit fit outs without bringing in other contractors. This enables all building and alteration work to be finished by a single, efficient team, saving time and money. 

The Benefits Of Suspended Ceilings

Aesthetically Pleasing 


Suspended ceilings fundamentally make a place feel cosier, more inviting and much nicer to work in. By bringing down the level of the ceiling, a room can feel less cavernous, less echoey and less cold, thanks to the insulating properties of false ceiling tiles. Suspended ceiling installation is an affordable shortcut to a better working environment. 




False ceilings can be fitted into any size or shape room, as long as there is enough clearance to suspend it from the structural ceiling of the building. They can be installed flat or can follow the existing slant of the roof of a building – or a combination of the two. Suspended ceiling tiles are easy to replace and modify, allowing essentials like lights and sensors to be easily incorporated into the ceiling grid. 




Suspended ceilings are more cost-effective than you might think. At JUST MCP, we can perform an on-site survey and provide a no-obligation quote for your intended location in Bristol, so you know the exact costs and timelines in advance of the work taking place. A false ceiling installation can provide the most affordable upgrade to your space with the most striking result for the cost. 


Easy to Install 


Suspended ceilings are relatively easy to install, certainly compared with more extensive building work or an office relocation project and will instantly improve the aesthetics of your premises. On top of this, our false ceiling engineers will work quickly and ensure the least amount of disruption to your business operations during installation. 


Hide Unsightly Services from View 


Most modern offices, warehouses and retail units will have all sorts of pipes, cables and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) ducting in the ceiling area. While in exceptional circumstances this may suit the style of your office or store, in most scenarios boxing these services away will vastly improve the look and feel of the space. 

Provides sound proofing

Keeps spaces hygienic

Quick Installation

Resistant to moisture

Types of Suspended Ceilings We Offer

Office False Ceilings

Our design and installation services for suspended ceilings for offices is the job we receive the most requests for. They are very popular in offices for several reasons, such as: 

  • Covering wires, pipelines and HVAC ducts 
  • Improving acoustics and reducing echo  
  • Improving and maximising lighting  
  • Enhancing the general look and feel of an office 
  • Insulating the space and keeping more heat  

We also offer repair and replacement services for fake office ceilings that have been damaged by water penetration, other accidents or simply the ravages of time. 

Warehouse False Ceilings

Warehouses are, by their very nature, large, open spaces that feature a minimal amount of décor to ensure operational efficiency. A fake ceiling, however, is the one solution that can completely alter a warehouse without impairing its functionality. In addition to hiding a variety of ugly utilities, suspended ceilings in warehouses can provide considerably better lighting options and enhanced heat retention for the benefit of the workers using the facility. 

Suspended Ceiling Suppliers in Bristol

If you're looking for suspended ceiling installation and design services in the Bristol area, JUST MCP is an experienced, family-run firm with a 40-plus year track record in providing quality false ceilings. To arrange an on-site survey and receive a free, no-obligation quote, contact us directly at 01905 771 896 or email 

JUST MCP Suspended Ceilings - Office Fit Out

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