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False ceilings, sometimes referred to as suspended ceilings, are a great way to give your office, warehouse or retail space a professional-looking, clean and cost-conscious makeover without damaging the overall appearance of your property. For more than 40 years, JUST MCP has been providing quality false ceiling installation to customers in Cheltenham and the surrounding areas, including our specialised suspended ceiling design service. 

The experts at JUST MCP are here to help with our team of committed suspended ceiling installers and fitters, whether you're looking for a false ceiling for an office, a suspended ceiling for a warehouse, or an affordable way of improving the look of your retail space with a new ceiling. Contact JUST MCP today for your free quote and to begin the process of improving your space. 

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What is a suspended ceiling?

As the name suggests, suspended ceilings, also referred to as false ceilings, are extra ceilings that are put in place below a room's structural ceiling. Strong wires are used to suspend a grid of metal channels from the main ceiling, and standard-sized tiles are then added to the grid to create the new, lower ceiling. 

For a variety of reasons, suspended ceilings are frequently employed in commercial (and occasionally residential) structures. They can improve insulation, enhance acoustics by absorbing sound, conceal unsightly building components like pipes and ductwork and revamp the appearance of a space with several modular design possibilities. 

Installation of suspended ceilings is quite simple, and the professionals at JUST MCP will perform every false ceiling installation project quickly, effectively and with the least amount of disruption to staff and the business possible. To schedule your free on-site survey and no-obligation quote, call us on 01905 771 896 or send us an email at If you're searching for a high-quality, reasonably priced suspended ceiling design service in Cheltenham, JUST MCP is here to help. 

Types of Suspended Ceilings We Offer

At JUST MCP, we fully understand the advantages of installing fake ceilings in a range of structures and enterprises. Just a few of the most typical locations where our clients have requested that we install suspended ceilings are listed below. 


Office False Ceilings 


One of the projects we get the most requests to design and install is suspended ceilings for offices. They are well-liked at offices for a variety of reasons, including: 

Hiding HVAC ducts, cables, and pipes 

Reducing echo and enhancing acoustics  

Improving lighting possibilities  

Insulating the space and retaining more heat 

Enhancing an office's general appearance and atmosphere  

In cases where water intrusion or other incidents have damaged false office ceilings or when age has caught up with your original installation, we can also repair and replace them. 


Warehouse False Ceilings 


Due to their large size and open layout, warehouses must maintain a simple aesthetic to ensure operational efficiency. But if there's one installation that can change a warehouse without impairing its operation, it's a false ceiling. A suspended ceiling in a warehouse can conceal a variety of ugly utilities and also provide much better lighting options and greater heat retention for the operatives using the space. 


Retail False Ceilings 


For many decades, suspended ceilings have been used in shops and department stores to maintain their attractiveness and cleanliness. False ceilings in shops provide easy access to the ceiling cavity for any after-hours work, such as lighting and shop display adjustments, and also make it considerably easier to add power and data lines for POS systems and displays. False ceilings in shops help enhance the acoustics and insulation of the area too, enhancing the customer's enjoyment of their shopping trip. 


Bespoke False Ceilings 


No matter the shape or size of the space, all our suspended ceiling installations, whether for a business or a private location, are fully bespoke and made-to-measure. While still being adaptable enough to allow for access to any services that sit up above the new false ceiling, the biggest advantages of installing a suspended ceiling are the improvements in atmosphere, insulation and aesthetics. If you would like to discuss the next steps in your fake ceiling design or if you have any additional questions, get in touch with the professionals. 


Quick Installation

Hides messy pipework and wiring


Reduces Sound Travel

Resistant to moisture and Hygienic

The Benefits of Our Ceilings 



Suspended ceilings are more affordable than you may imagine. For your chosen location, JUST MCP can conduct an on-site study and provide a no-obligation quote, letting you know the precise costs and completion times before any work commences. The most cost-effective renovation for your space with the most eye-catching results is a false ceiling installation. 


Easy to Install 


When compared to more extensive building work or an office relocation project to enhance the aesthetics of your space, suspended ceilings are relatively simple to install. Additionally, our false ceiling engineers will work quickly and ensure that the installation will cause the least amount of disruption to your company's operations. 


Aesthetically Pleasing 


Fundamentally, suspended ceilings make a space cosier, more welcoming and far more pleasant to work in. Due to the insulating qualities of false ceiling tiles, lowering the level of the ceiling can make a space feel less cavernous, echoey and cold. Installing suspended ceilings is a quick way to create a much better, more comfortable and ultimately more productive working environment. 




Any room, regardless of its size or shape, can accommodate false ceilings as long as there is enough room to suspend them from the building's structural ceiling. They may be installed flat, at a slant that matches the roof's natural slope, or a combination of the two. Since suspended ceiling tiles are simple to replace and alter, the suspended ceiling grid can easily accommodate necessities like lights and sensors. 


Box In Unsightly Services 


There will likely be a variety of pipes, cables, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) ducting in the ceiling area of most modern offices, warehouses and retail spaces. Boxing these services away above a suspended ceiling will typically improve the look and feel of the area, alongside the other numerous benefits listed above. 

Suspended Ceiling Suppliers in Cheltenham

If you're seeking suspended ceiling design and installation services in Cheltenham and the surrounding area, JUST MCP is a reputable, family-run business with more than 40 years of expertise in the field. Call us on 01905 771 896 or send an email to to set up an on-site survey and for a free, no-obligation quote. 

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