Suspended Ceiling Design and Installation in Gloucester

If you're on the lookout for superior suspended ceiling design and installation in Gloucester, look no further. At JUST MCP, we've been in the business of transforming spaces with our bespoke false ceilings for over four decades. From office spaces to retail units to warehouses, we've been setting the standard for professional and cost-effective ceiling installations 

Our end-to-end service means your Gloucester property will be looking its best without any hassles or inconveniences. Our dedicated and highly experienced design and fitting engineers will create the perfect bespoke solution for your workspace, so don't hesitate to elevate your property to the next level; contact us today for your free no-obligation quote. 

Round Suspended Ceiling with Lights

What Exactly a Suspended Ceiling?

Suspended ceilings, or false ceilings, are an ingenious solution for enhancing the aesthetics of any room without compromising on its functionality. A grid of metal channels, suspended from the main ceiling using strong wires, house standard-sized tiles to form the new, lower ceiling. These suspended ceilings provide superior insulation and sound absorption, conceal unsightly building components and offer virtually limitless design possibilities.  

At JUST MCP, our professional designers and fitters will manage your suspended ceiling installation project effectively and efficiently, causing minimal disruption to your business. Installation of suspended ceilings is quite simple, and the engineers at JUST MCP perform every false ceiling installation project quickly, effectively, and with the least possible amount of disruption to staff members and your business as possible.  

To schedule your free on-site survey and no-obligation quote, call us on 01905 771 896 or send us an email to If you're searching for a high-quality, reasonably priced suspended ceiling design service in Gloucester, we’re glad to be of assistance to you. 

Suspended Ceilings for Different Situations


At JUST MCP, we recognise the unique requirements of different workspaces. Consequently, we offer a range of suspended ceiling solutions, designed to meet the specific needs of offices, warehouses, retail spaces and more. Each category has its unique advantages, making them ideal for their respective environments. 


Office Ceiling Improvements 


Suspended ceilings for offices is our most sought-after service. They conceal wires, pipes and ducts while improving acoustics and lighting, enhancing the general ambience of your office and can even help to conserve heat in the colder months. If your office space requires a suspended ceiling solution or even a repair and reconditioning for an existing one, we are here and ready to serve.  


New Warehouse Ceilings  


By definition, warehouses are huge, open areas with little decoration to ensure maximum operating efficiency. One option that can be installed in a warehouse without compromising its usability is a false ceiling. Suspended ceilings in warehouses can offer significantly improved lighting options and improved heat retention for the workers using the building, in addition to concealing a multitude of necessary but unsightly utilities. 

Retail Area Ceiling Designs 


Retail spaces can quickly and easily transform their appeal with our bespoke false ceilings. They provide easy access to ceiling cavities for after-hours adjustments and facilitate the addition of power and data lines for POS systems and displays. Improved acoustics and insulation also enhance the customer's shopping experience. If you are looking for a quick and affordable way to give your store a new look, consider the benefits and multiple customisation options of a suspended ceiling from JUST MCP. 



The Cotswolds

Stroud ... and many more

How Do They Look Once Fitted?

We may be biased but we think they look great! Modern suspended ceiling systems are not just functional; they are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and fully customisable too. They come in a wide variety of styles, designs and finishes to complement any décor or architectural style. They also allow for creative lighting arrangements and can be customised to fit any workspace perfectly. At JUST MCP, we've carried out numerous suspended ceiling installations across Gloucester, each adding a unique aesthetic value to the property. Whether it's a subtle, professional look you're after, or a bold, eye-catching design that enhances the style of your premises, our highly experienced team can bring your vision to life. 

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